What Is A 360º Learning Experience?

We wish to see our children as all-rounders in life because a child needs to be equipped with multiple skills to excel in life. We would love our children to be all-rounders but do we give them the resources and the learning in the right direction?

What is a 360º learning experience?
It’s a curated experience where you combine various skills and learning opportunities at a macro and a micro level and allow the child to absorb it slowly. Cognitive learning abilities improve when we involve our children and expose them to newer aspects of life around us.

The Indian education system has been widely recognised for its intense focus on academics and continuous pursuit to drive students towards a successful journey of learning. However, the system continues to face critical challenges of increasing costs, limited opportunities for a large number of students to attain quality education and the inability of authorities and stakeholders to provide equity in education. (Report by PwC & CII, India – July 2021)

The new National Education Policy (NEP), 2020, has put special emphasis on building skills which is a beautiful step in the right direction. There’s a strong reason behind it because as an economy we need a stronger capable workforce for our future where things are changing FAST!

We need a shift from consumers to creators. It’s absolutely clear that the future belongs to creators.

Immersive, flexible learning environments with multi-disciplinary approach towards education is the real all-round approach

There’s a need to combine diverse skills. Maths can be combined with Craft and give a better learning experience, Science and Technology related topics can be combined with educational toys/physical kits where students build mini-projects, Sports is another aspect which can’t be left behind

We want children to solve problems and learn but not at the expense of losing out their personality and that’s where self-expression and creativity comes in. This could be in the form of Art, Music, Poetry and many other forms of art.

Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of solutions around us which help our children become all rounders. PotliBaba aims to solve this as we combine STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) with Art & Craft and Sports for children so they experience so much more.

DIY methodology – Let them do it themselves

We love to introduce children to building curriculum-based educational projects on their own, embracing various forms of art and craft and trying out new sports every month via our subscription educational kits. We’re on a mission to enhance child learning!

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