Toddlerhood can be a challenging time for both parents and kids. Understanding more about toddler development can help guide you through this period with insight into your child and hopefully a bit more patience.

Toddler Social-Emotional Development

Understanding the social-emotional development of your toddler can help you as a parent greatly. Knowing what your toddler is capable of comprehending from an emotional perspective and what areas still need developing can allow you to have age-appropriate expectations for their behavior.

For example, knowing that your 2-year-old has very limited ability to understand others’ feelings helps you understand why she doesn’t share her toys well yet. By understanding how toddlers’ emotional world works, makes your parenting decisions a bit easier.

Toddler Physical Development

Toddlers are developing at a rapid rate physically. Almost every month something new is developing and changing. As a parent, understanding and knowing what to expect of your toddler’s physical growth can help you support their development.

Toddler Language Development

Many parents worry about their toddler’s language development. Is their language development on track? Do they know enough words? How I can foster their language development? It’s helpful to know what to expect with a toddler’s language learning so you know how to support it.

Common Toddler Challenges

The toddler years are full of new adventures and learning, but also a fair share of challenges for parents. Learning how to manage your toddler’s screen time, playtime and tantrums are just a few of the big issues that toddler parents often face.


In our high-tech era, understanding the effects of screen time on toddlers is one of parents’ important tasks. Parenting toddlers in today’s world means developing a plan for how to manage their screen time.


Play is the engine of learning in early childhood. Although there is a push in recent decades to make childhood more “enriched” and scheduled, free play still helps promote children’s development better than anything else.

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